Cambridge University Contact Number – 01223 337 733

You should phone the University of Cambridge on their switchboard number 01223 337 733 if you wish to contact a representative with general enquiries about their undergraduate courses, term dates or if you wish to be directed to one of their colleges for your more specific queries.


Cambridge University Switchboard – 01223 337 733

You can contact Cambridge University on their main switchboard number 01223 337 733 for your telephone enquiries regarding both the undergraduate and postgraduate application process. For instance, you can ask which of the university’s colleges teach your prospective degree subject, or conversely, which courses you can’t study at Cambridge. By contrast, you may wish to ask how to find the university, particularly if you are visiting for an Open Day. In such case, a University of Cambridge representative can direct callers to the address of one of the main library buildings, or constituent colleges. Alternatively, if you would like support for a specific query, then you can request a detailed list of contacts when calling the switchboard number. Moreover, the switchboard number is also useful for enquiries regarding publications from Cambridge University Press, rather than those relating to degree subjects.

In addition, you can call Cambridge University on their switchboard number 01223 337 733 if you have already accepted a place to study and have subsequent enquiries. For instance, callers may have queries about fees, funding or collegiate accommodation. Specifically, callers can contact a university representative to enquire about any available grants and scholarships specific to your college of study.


Information about Call Costs

The University of Cambridge switchboard operates a geographic number, which like other ’01’ and ’02’ numbers, will charge the standard per-minute rate of a local UK call. However, you will be able to contact the Cambridge University for free if you are using up any inclusive free minutes that have been bundled with your mobile tariff or if your landline deal comes with free local calls.


University of Cambridge – UK Phone Numbers

University of Cambridge Helpline UK Contact Number
Switchboard 01223 337 733
Admissions 01223 333 308
Academic Affairs 01223 332 200
Accommodation Enquiries 01223 338 099
Adult Education 01223 746 222


Email the University of Cambridge

You can also contact University of Cambridge by email, making your undergraduate admission enquiries when using the following address: However, enquiries about admissions to graduate courses and research degrees should be made over By contrast, comments, corrections and/or suggestions regarding the University fo Cambridge website should be made to