Santander Contact Number: 0800 912 3123

Contact Santander on the bank’s freephone customer service number 0800 912 3123 to enquire about their online banking services over the phone or to book an appointment regarding your mortgage or business loan application.


Customer Service Phone Number

Call Santander on their national customer service contact number 0800 912 3123 for free over-the-phone advice assistance regarding your current account. For instance, accountholders should get in touch on the freephone customer service number if they would like to discuss the fees when using their debit card outside of the UK. Alternatively, you may wish to contact a customer care advisor to discuss the process of applying to a mortgage or business loan; once you have detailed your postcode you will be able to book an appointment at the your nearest branch of the bank. Furthermore, you can use the above number for information about Santander’s credit cards and insurance policies regardless of your UK location.

You can also call the Santander customer service helpline for advice regarding your online banking services. Notably, a representative will be able to assist customers who are unable to login to their account, whether using the online site or mobile app. Alternatively, you may wish to use this number to reset your security details or for assistance making an online transaction over a certain amount. However, you should contact Santander on their lost or stolen card freephone helpline 0800 9123 123 to report a missing debit or credit card.


Cost of Calling Santander

As the Santander customer service department provides a freephone service, you will be able to call the above contact number completely free of charge, whether you are using a UK landline or mobile phone.


Branch Finder

If you would prefer to speak to an advisor from the your local brach of the bank, attend an appointment or deposit any money into your current account, then you can find the full address and contact details of your nearest Santander using their