TFL Contact Number: 0343 222 1234

Phone the customer service team at Transport for London (TFL) by dialling their UK contact number 0343 222 1234 to report a lost Oyster card, for local bus times and to get a refund for an overcharged ticket.

Transport for London oversees the running of the majority of transportation methods in the UK capital city including repairing the road network, the underground tube system, buses and overground rail networks. You can phone their customer service contact number 0343 222 1234 to get a new Oyster card, for telephone payments to top up your card and to report an overcharged ticket. Similarly you can dial this helpline to get a new season ticket which may save you money compared to pay-as-you-go travel. Moreover if your card has been lost or stolen you should call this number to get a replacement, however please be aware that you may not be able to recover funds on the missing card. You can also phone this helpline to make an official complaint to TFL if you have repeatedly been overcharged for your ticket and to claim compensation if you have been seriously mistreated by a member of their staff. You can also dial this number to notify TFL of a dangerous pothole in your road so that they can arrange roadworks to repair the issue. Alternatively if you have an enquiry about a private taxi cab firm, the Santander cycle hire system or congestion charge payments please consult the table at the bottom of this webpage to find the appropriate helpline for you to call.


Timetable enquiries – 0343 222 1234

Phone Transport for London (TFL) on their customer care phone number 0343 222 1234 to check the latest bus and underground timetables so that you can plan your journey. Furthermore you can call this helpline to get an update on local engineering works which may affect your travel plans, therefore please phone their helpful staff if you need an alternative route.


TFL call costs & opening times

The TFL customer service helpline 0343 222 1234 is open 8am-8pm every day of the week, therefore please do not call this number at a late hour to discuss the night tube service. Calls are charged at standard UK local rates, therefore you will pay a per-minute fee and a connection charge to your provider according to your specific tariff.


Ben’s Directory telephone numbers for TFL

TFL department Contact number
Customer services 0343 222 1234
Santander cycle enquiries 0343 222 6666
Taxi queries 0343 222 4000
TFL Dial-a-Ride 0343 222 7777
Pay the congestion charge 0343 222 2222
Low emission zone (LEZ) enquiries 0343 222 1111